Your Personal Paradise.

Feng Sway started as a online vintage shop, selling old band t-shirts, workwear and whatever struck our fancy along our travels. It became a reason to travel, a self driven history lesson, led by intuition. We coasted around, got lost, and filled the days exploring each town's its thrift shops, museums and antique malls. Always deeply curious about architecture and fashion, through initial success we realized we had found our niche. Aesthetic explorers of time and space.

Through this pursuit we've become the masters of our manifestations. We are fashion historians, wardrobe stylists, photographers, visual artists and plant kweens.  We set out to build a brand that celebrates a creative, balanced lifestyle...in a paradise surround. April 20, 2017 we opened our flagship store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We made this move for so many reasons! We wanted to bring joy to our neighborhood and fill niches that were lacking. We wanted to create a righteous public space that takes you to paradise. (Brooklyn can be brutal!) We wanted to share our love of super fine vintage, exotic plants, quality home goods that make your home a sanctuary. Most of all we wanted to hold space with our friends and neighbors, without limitation.



We believe our personal style and homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. What we choose to own deserves quality design, a story with soul, and a purpose. It's why we still travel the country searching for 'what's good.' We love what we do, and wouldn't have it anyother way. So grateful to be here and to be supported by such a loving community.